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Benefit Addins

Benefit Addins is an enhancement product that fills the requirement gaps of your existing Online Benefit Enrollment product.

Comprising of an array of modules that can be purchased individually, Benefit Addins integrates seamlessly into the benefit enrollment self service product. It provides a user friendly, efficient benefit enrollment experience, while reducing the administration and benefit audits required with the vanilla enrollment. You can be assured the data going into your ERP is accurate to your rules and your benefit carrier rules.

Intellias specializes in creating self-service applications that fill the gaps between what ERP systems deliver and businesses need in order to have successful annual, and/or new hire benefit enrollments. Additionally, Intellias extends the Life Events functionality by managing the increasing or decreasing of coverages. With these applications, many benefits functions can be modified to allow employees to enroll in and maintain benefits through a simple, intuitive, user-friendly web interface. As a result, administrators can concentrate on serving employees rather than entering data and correcting errors.

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Benefit Addins

Benefit Approval Levels

Secondary Benefit Approval Levels for EOI and/or Unverified Dependents – Split the elected plan into two plans: currently eligible and those that are pending.

Plan Interdependency and Filtering

Add dependencies between multiple benefit plans, benefit plan options, and benefit plan coverage amounts. Example: Do not allow users to enroll in Plan "B" if the user did not enroll in Plan "A".

Content Management

Ability for administrators to change content throughout the Benefit Enrollment including the welcome page, current benefits, available plans, election plan, summary screens.

Keep Change Function

Added a 'Keep Change' function to allow annual users to only change the benefits they want from the previous year. This keeps the users from having to go through the entire enrollment every year and is a great addition to help user acceptance.

Capture Additional Benefit Data

Capture spouse employee insurances, dependents, addresses, beneficiaries, tobacco usage, and more.

Benefit Logging and Reporting

Added EOI auto PDF form creation for the user to print out at the end of the enrollment and Benefit AddIn Designer for Administrators to makes changes to the Intellias Benefit Addins without any programming.