Intellias ERP Optimization Applications

Speed Data Entry

Take multiple forms down to one with Speed Data Entry applications.

Simple and easy to use, Intellias Speed Data Entry applications can be designed to specifically meet your organizational needs. These applications require no additional training, reduce your cost of operations, diminish data entry errors, and increase productivity.

Intellias Speed Data Entry applications simplify ERP business processes by consolidating Lawson functionality into one self-evident user interface to assist in daily ERP operations, including setup activities, management activities, and process levels related to:

  • Applicant New Hire
  • New Hire Enrollment
  • Employee Maintenance
  • Customer Set Up
  • Proposal Set Up
  • Work Order Maintenance
  • Billing Maintenance
  • Activity Set Up
  • Speed PO Work Sheet
  • Pre Order Entry
  • GL Speed Entry & Approval

ERP Centralization

Intellias' Speed Data Entry applications allow you to populate multiple ERP forms into a single web form, including: GL transactions, new customers, setup or maintain projects and work orders in activity and billing revenue modules, and assembling purchase orders.

Systems Management

With an unlimited number of rows for data entry on one screen, Speed Data Entry is an integrated solution that updates your system in real time as you easily set up new activities and maintain existing ones, while adhering to embedded business rules and policies

Employee Management

Speed Data Entry is designed to drive efficiency across your entire organization, including the management of employees. From streamlining new hire onboarding to managing employee information and staging data inputs into Lawson, Speed Data Entry does it all.