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Job Automation

Job Automation simplifies your job processing. It reduces costs, increases the productivity of employees, and provides greater data accuracy.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are robust, but complicated. Organizations face higher costs of ownership in terms of hiring/training staff, increasing budgets, and in the correction of data errors. Tasks can be both time- and labor-intensive, often requiring days to weeks to complete - thereby, taking experienced staff away from other priorities. Additionally, running complex job streams is a lengthy process - because of this, critical data entry errors often result.

Job Automation simplifies job runs that organizations do to process Payroll, run AP Checks, invoice clients, and more. The application resides on the web server and works seamlessly within the ERP framework, allowing organizations to run all jobs from one browser window. Simple and easy to use, the Job Automation application requires no specialized training, reduces costs, increases the productivity of employees, and provides greater data accuracy. Because the program applies the same job process every time, it reduces staff time, virtually eliminates data errors and significantly increases payroll accuracy.

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Job Automation

Drive Efficiency

Simplify an array of human driven processes so that employees' time is used more effectively. With Job Automation, your staff won’t be tied up running jobs, they'll be focused on real priorities like analyzing the data.

Job Automation Designer

Build unlimited automations to address all variations of your job run processing. Automate the parameters on your jobs and run the same process every time thereby reducing errors and increasing accuracy.

Runtime Scheduling

Control automation runtime schedules with Job Automation's scheduling engine. You can preemptively set the running order, time interval, and recurrence of each automated instance.

Peace of Mind

Track payroll progress, verify job completion, and access report links from one browser window, thereby providing peace of mind, and ensuring that you always deliver your jobs timely and accurately.