Take the Stress Out of This Year's OE


Take the Stress Out of This Year's OE

Written by Kris Besaw
Thursday, Sep 01, 2022

This time of year tends to be the most busy and stressful for benefit administrators. The best solution? A good plan.

Prepare an informative and streamlined Open Enrollment using online processes to improve communication, save time and reduce errors.

Here are a few things to start thinking about:

  • Have you decided on plan details w/ New or Updated Summary Plan Descriptions?
  • Have you tested any plan changes or additions?
    • Add New Plans
    • End Plans, if applicable
    • Modify Plan Configurations
    • Update Rates
    • Update Annual Limits; verify annual plans are set (FSA, HSA)

  • Include testing eligibility, or any changes in eligibility, to maintain employee confidence and satisfaction.
    • Enroll in plan not previously enrolled in
    • Change Coverage
    • Add Dependents
    • Decline Coverage

  • Update Open Enrollment Event Plans and Groups, if needed, and then Test!
  • Validate participant group(s)
  • Ensure Resource Update, Mass Eligibility and Mass Enroll Default Plans are complete
  • Identify conflicting Life Events in process
  • Start coordinating the process across departments – HR, Benefits, and Payroll

  • If you need any help with configuration, reporting or best practices, reach out for support. Intellias has a team of Benefits experts who can help with your S3 or CloudSuite application.