Multiple Job Applications Using Infor's Configurable Job Application


Multiple Job Applications Using Infor's Configurable Job Application

Written by Paula Knaul
Tuesday, Sep 01, 2020

One of Infor's newest functionality upgrades has wholly overhauled the job application process. Infor Global HR customers can now provide internal and external candidates with applications that fit their unique business requirements and allow data gathered to be targeted and relevant allowing hiring managers and recruiters to act more expeditiously.

Functionality Highlights

  • Create as many applications as necessary for your hiring needs
  • Application steps are reusable across multiple applications
  • The order of the application steps is now entirely up to you
  • Consents and acknowledgments can be used together or include only one
  • Control the number of required records (education, employment history, etc.) by application
  • Let eligibility groups based on criteria such as position or candidate type drive requirements, steps, and emails
  • Default the job application value at the organization or position level OR select on the requisition
  • Automate at the application and task level; email triggers for assigned, completed tasks, incomplete application reminders
  • Integration with the Hiring Workflow allows triggers to create additional application tasks
  • Talent Science can be included as an integrated step in the application
  • User experience is consistent with Transition Management to create a similar experience from application through onboarding and beyond
  • Candidates (External Applicants) and Employees (Internal Applicants) now have a consistent experience
  • Ease of use is greatly improved with full mobility and responsive controls utilizing SoHo Xi 4.0 Controls
  • Incomplete application tracking allows users to determine where improvements may be needed in the application process
  • Timeline | Prerequisites

  • A recommended timeline is 2-6 months based on the complexity level of your process
  • Implementation of Configurable Job Application can be done in parallel with the Configurable Hiring Workflow to get the most out of all things new in Infor's TA Module

  • Be prepared by ensuring you are up to date with the following prerequisites:
  • SoHo Xi 4.0 Controls
  • GHR/TM 11.0.27+
  • 11.0.27+
  • Migration Path | Next Steps

  • New customers will be enabled by default and will enjoy this functionality as part of their initial Talent Acquisition implementation
  • Existing customers will want to upgrade to the latest GHR/TM and Landmark CU and enable the Configurable Job Application
  • Old and new application processes can coexist
  • All new requisitions/postings will leverage the Configurable Job Application functionality
  • This new functionality has excellent bang for its buck as it can be implemented at a functional level without technical development or customization. You will feel like you have a fully customized application process when all is said and done but without the hefty price tag!

    Check out our webinar to learn more about the Configurable Job Application and the Configurable Hiring Process!

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